Sommerfeldt is a specialty manufacturer of scale catenary products. Sommerfeldt's line include catenary systems in HO and N from Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. Every item is finely detailed from the catenary tensioning masts to intricate tower masts. Sommerfeldt also makes a line of replacement or prototypically correct pantographs for all your electric locomotives.

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Latest Sommerfeldt Releases

2009 Fall New Items
Sommerfeldt New Arrivals
Sommerfeldt SOM-101 HO Oberhead Wire Signs (Set)
Sommerfeldt HO SOM-101
Sommerfeldt SOM-145 HO Catenary Wire, Length 270mm (1)
Sommerfeldt HO SOM-145
Sommerfeldt SOM-322 HO Station Power Feeder Kit, SBB (1)
Sommerfeldt HO SOM-322
Sommerfeldt SOM-144 HO Catenary Wire, Length 250mm (1)
Sommerfeldt HO SOM-144
Sommerfeldt SOM-575 HO 2-Track Cross Span, SNCB, Kit (1)
Sommerfeldt HO SOM-575
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