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BRAWA 40863

Steam Locomotive G10 P.St.E.V. (Marklin AC Digital Extra w/Sound) (Factory Sold Out)

Sorry, this product is sold out and no longer available from the manufacturer.

  • With roof vent
  • 3 domes
  • Short chimney
  • Feed water heater
  • Petroleum lighting

The company Henschel took on the engineering of the locomotive designated the G10. They used the proven boiler of the P 8 and drive wheels with a diameter of 1,400 mm - a dimension that was to become the standard up to the end of the construction of steam locomotives for goods trains. In 1910, Henschel supplied the first 49 engines, which went into service at KED Breslau, Cöln, Frankfurt, Königsberg, Mainz and Saarbrücken. The 5101 Saarbrücken went on show at the Brussels World Exhibition, and the later 5428 Saarbrücken represented German locomotive production in Buenos Aires. Up to 1915, as many as 548 Prussian G10 were built. Due to the war, none were supplied in 1916. They were used in all Prussian directorates for goods and passenger trains. Most of the engines belonged to the rolling stock of the railway depots in the Rhine/Ruhr region.

• Road no.: 5531 Erfurt
• Marklin AC Digital Extra Version
• Digital Sound
• Doehler & Haass Decoder
• Smoke Generator Installed
• Coupler pocket and close coupling
• Vehicle mainly constructed of metal
• PLUX22 Decoder Socket
• Motor with Flywheel
• 4 Traction Tires
• Double headlights alternating with the direction of travel

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