HO Scale AC Steam Locomotives

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The BRAWA models of the BR 01 express train locomotive are faithfully reproduced and elaborately designed with many details. For example, the boiler, the driver's cab and the tender are designed as finely detailed plastic components and even the back wall of the grooving boiler is faithfully reproduced. The openwork bar frame and spoked wheels are made of die-cast zinc. Numerous parts are attached individually - e.g. pipes, ascents and steps. Depending on the engine and equipment variant, the BRAWA BR 01 express train locomotives are either available with smoke generator and sound decoder or they are prepared for retrofitting.

In the digital version EXTRA, the following features can be switched digitally:

    • Light change
    • Fire Flicker
    • Driver's cab lighting
    • Engine lighting
    • Smoke Generator
    • Sound
  • Boiler, driver's cab and tender made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic
  • Perforated underframe and spoked wheels in die-cast zinc
  • Smoke generator and sound decoder, either built in or as a retrofit option
  • Illuminated driver's cab
  • True-to epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing
  • Standard shaft rear with link guide
  • Close coupling between locomotive and tender
  • Perfectly replicated back boilerplate
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Lines and extra mounted parts in minimum material thickness
  • Extra mounted steps
  • Drive in the tender
  • Single axle bearing
  • True-to-scale details
  • Epoch-typical toe bearing
  • Many extra mounted parts
  • 850 mm leading wheels
  • cast discharge boxes on the cylinders
  • valve gear holder in welded design
  • tender 2'2' T34

Navigable minimum radius: The models of BR 001 are technically suitable for R 360. For best driving characteristics we recommend the use on R 420.

In 1930 Hannover railway depot received further 01 locomotives, including 01 088, which was supplied by Krupp, with the works serial number 1167. This was transferred in 1935 to the railway depot Magdeburg Hbf, but continued to run mainly on the east-west line between Berlin and Hannover. By the end of the war it was a Magdeburg locomotive, but was evidently stationed in the western occupation zones, in the area surrounding its home at the RAW Braunschweig (state railway improvement workshop), so that it took up a role in Hannover in 1947 after repairs. After the electrification of the north-south section, it was transferred to Osnabrück. Via two sojourns in Paderborn and Hamm, it returned to Osnabrück, from whence it was soon transferred to Rheine. At this time it ran with a tender 2'2T30 in the Netherlands among others - here it could only be turned on a 20 m turntable, dictated by the short tender. In 1964, 01 088 was finally stationed in southern Germany. It ended up at the Hof railway depot, where it continued to fly the flag for steam traction until 1973. In 1975 it was dismantled by Bavaria Stahlkontor in Grafenwöhr.

• Road no.: 001 088-4
• Marklin AC Digital Extra Version
• Digital Sound
• Doehler & Haass Decoder
• Smoke Generator Installed
• Coupler pocket and close coupling
• PLUX22 Decoder Socket
• Motor with Flywheel
• 4 Traction Tires
• Triple headlights alterning with the direction of travel

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
AC Steam Locomotives
Era IV (1970-1990)
DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
Discontinued - Last One!
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