HO Scale AC Steam Locomotives

BRAWA 40919

Steam Locomotive BR 01 DRG (Marklin AC Digital Extra w/Sound)

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  • Boiler, driver''s cab and tender made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic
  • Perforated underframe and spoked wheels in die-cast zinc
  • Smoke generator and sound decoder, either built in or as a retrofit option
  • Illuminated driver''s cab
  • True-to epoch lighting, multipart lamp housing
  • Standard shaft rear with link guide
  • Close coupling between locomotive and tender
  • Perfectly replicated back boilerplate
  • Finest paintwork and printing
  • Lines and extra mounted parts in minimum material thickness
  • Extra mounted steps
  • Drive in the tender
  • Single axle bearing
  • True-to-scale details
  • Epoch-typical toe bearing
  • Many extra mounted parts
  • 850 mm leading wheels
  • Valve gear holder in cast design
  • Tender 2''2'' T32, 1st construction type


Navigable minimum radius: The models of BR 01 are technically suitable for R 360. For best driving characteristics we recommend the use on R 420.

The Kassel-based Henschel Company delivered the 01 032 to the Hamm railway depot under the works serial number 20835 in 1927. For many years, Hamm was home to the 01 that primarily operated as a heavy passenger train on the Aachen - Hanover axis. Via Göttingen, it made its way back to Braunschweig after the war where it then resumed operations to destinations such as Hamm until 1958. The new eastern border
also changed many route sections. The BR 03 operated in Braunschweig railway depot from 1958 and, consequently, the 01 032 ran from Hanover on the East-West axis as well as the North-South axis that ran to Bebra and Hamburg for three years. During its final years, it then moved to the Palatinate Region of Germany where it operated in Ludwigshafen and Kaiserslautern until 01.07.1964 when it was removed from service. The
scrapping process on this vehicle took place at the Trier repair centre and was completed by 30.09.1964

• Road no.: 01 032
• Marklin AC Digital Extra Version
• Digital Sound
• Doehler & Haass Decoder
• Smoke Generator Installed
• Coupler pocket and close coupling
• PLUX22 Decoder Socket
• Motor with Flywheel
• 4 Traction Tires
• Double headlights alternating with the direction of travel

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2018 New Item
AC Steam Locomotives
Era II (1925-1945)
DRG (Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (1920-1949))
No longer available from the manufacturer
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