HO Scale Diesel Locomotives

  • Available for direct and alternating current
  • Etched radiator grille
  • Free-standing handles and handrails
  • Clear view through the driver cabin
  • Lights equipped with maintenance-free LEDs
  • Three-point support
  • Finely detailed chassis
  • Finest paintwork and painting
  • Reproduction of the brake linkage
  • Metal frame and wheels, structure made of plastic
  • NEM-standard short coupling
  • Light change


Equipment Digital Version EXTRA (DC + AC)

  • Filigree electronic coupling (interchangeable thanks to NEM standard)
  • Incl. energy storage (buffers sound, motor and light)
  • Comprehensive light functions, flicker-free light provided by a separate capacitor
  • Range-specific original sound with the latest sound technology
  • Optimal motor and load control for perfect running characteristics
  • Compatible with all common digital systems
  • Driver cabin light

Overview of technical functions

DC Analog Basic PlusDC Digital ExtraAC Digital Extra
Driving function+++
Light change (white/red)+++
Tail lights separately switchable+ 3)++
Driver cabin lighting+ 4)++
Shunting lights+ 1)++
Light setting programmable for analogue operation++
Digital interfacePluX22PluX22PluX22
Energy Storage+2)+2)
Digital coupling (NEM-standard close coupling)++
Locomotive Card+
Additional information
  • Subsequent conversion from
    analog to digital via PluX22
    interface possible
  • Optimised light control for driving and shunting modes
  • Latest sound technology and excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with and programmable in all common digital systems
    (DCC, Motorola, SX1 and SX2)
  • Improved motor and load control
  • Range of functions is designed for digital operation. In analog mode, only the driving function and the light change are available.



1) Function only available in digital mode
2) Storage capacitor for interruption-free travel in sections without current or on soiled tracks
3) Tail light can be switched off in analog mode via switch (on the blind plug); digitally switchable with decoder
4) Manually switchable via switch for analog operation; digitally switchable with decoder

The great demand for manoeuvring locomotives combined with the commencing structural changes led the German Federal Railway to develop the V60 range. Over the next eight years, the first prototype from in 1955 was followed by 941 more locomotives. Their reliability and robustness helped the last newly developed rod diesel locomotive of Deutsche Bahn to achieve a real cult status and made them indispensable at many railway stations or in the field of freight services, even to this present da

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2023 New Item
Diesel Locomotives
Era IV (1970-1990)
DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
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