N Scale Locomotive Decoders

BRAWA 99821

Decoder DH18A for digitizing of BRAWA TWINDEXX Vario

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Product characteristics and functions of the drive decoders
  • For operation optionally with conventional direct-current vehicles, digital systems according to NMRA standard (DCC), SelecTRIX 1 and 2, Motorola and partly AC analogue
  • Switchover between analogue to digital is automatic
  • In digital mode, the system last programmed is used (no automatic switchover!)
  • DCC short addresses (1-127), long addresses (0001-9999), with 14, 28, 126 speed stages
  • SelecTRIX 1: 31 speed stages, 100 addresses, 16 additional functions
  • SelecTRIX 2: 127 speed stages, 10,000 addresses, 16 additional functions
  • Latest-generation load control for especially smooth control behaviour
  • Various control types for optimal adjustment to the engine
  • 127 internal speed stages
  • Adjustable engine frequency (low frequency, 16 kHz,32 kHz)
  • Block section operation with simple diodes in digital mode
  • Light and function outputs (partly) dimmable and capable of analogue activation
  • Shunting gear
  • Engine, light and track connections electronically replaceable
  • All function outputs freely programmable
  • Temperature protection
  • Reset function for DCC and SX2

2017 New Item
Locomotive Decoders
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