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ESU 50321

Loudspeaker 15mm x 11mm, square, 8 Ohm, with sound chamber (LokSound V4.0, micro V4.0, V4.0 M4)

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Loudspeaker 15mm x 11mm, 8 Ohms, with 4pc sound chamber kit.

When selecting the loudspeaker the used decoder type is important. Depending on the decoder, different loudspeakers can be used as follows: 

LokSound V4.0, LokSound micro V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 M4 decoders need the new speaker with an impendance of 4 Ohms. With the present 100 Ohms loudspeakers you would hardly hear anything.

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HO, N, 1, O, G, TT, IIm
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