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ESU 53451

LokProgrammer Set: LokProgrammer, power supply 120/240V EU, serial cable, instruction manual, CD-Rom, USB adapter

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The ultimate accessory for programming with ease. With the aid of the LokSound Programmer you can simply modify the sound of your locomotive or optimize the synchronization of the sound with the drivers. Never was it easier to adapt a digital decoder to your model! The only requirement is a PC with an audio card and Windows operating system. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience in programming.

Here's how easy we have made it for you: simply connect the LokSound Programmer to a serial port of your PC or use the included USB-adapter. Start the user-friendly LokSound Programmer software, place a decoder-equipped locomotive (from the range of ESU decoders) on the programming track and you are ready to read out, modify or reprogram the decoder data. The software automatically detects which type of ESU decoder has been installed. The graphic interface offers various customizing possibilities in an intuitive way - specifically adapted to each decoder type. Your modified decoder will fit optimally to your locomotive.

Here are some of the features you can change with the click of a mouse:

  • Address, number of speed steps, acceleration and deceleration
  • Load control, speed curve and analog functions
  • Assignment of function buttons with lighting effects and adjustment of brightness
  • Adaptation or complete replacement of current sound project
  • Creation of new sound projects
  • All special settings

You may pick and choose from the extensive audio library provided with the LokSound Programmer and record the desired sound files on the flash memory chip of your LokSound decoder. You can also select and modify individual sound effects: Not satisfied with the whistle on your decoder? Replace it with one of the many others available! You have your own recordings of your favorite prototype? Create a completely new sound project or adapt an existing sound project and put a truly unique sound on your engine.

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