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Smoke unit, Dual Mini (Exhaust + Cylinder) (Gauge 0) for LokSound XL device with electronic board

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Smoke unit, Dual Mini (Exhaust + Cylinder) (Gauge 0) for LokSound XL device with electronic board

Our smoke generator "Dual small" is suitable for vehicles of the nominal sizes gauge G, and 1 but also for smaller vehicles in gauge 0. Both exhaust steam and cylinder steam are integrated in a compact housing. This means that you can finally retrofit your older locomotives with a realistic cylinder steam. The "Dual Small" smoke generator has a common tank that can be filled from above. Two separate fan motors with separate heating and temperature elements ensure a strong steam output. The required control electronics is housed on a separate board, only 36 mm x 19 mm x 5 mm in size, and controls both the amount of smoke and the fan speed regardless of the level or rail voltage. A burn-through in the case of an empty tank is preventable. The control electronics are simply placed between the smoke generator and the locomotive sound decoder in a suitable location in the vehicle. Our LokSound 5 L and LokSound 5 XL are ideal for control, but the previous versions LokSound XL V4.0 or LokSound L V4.0 can also be used. The dual small smoke generator is 51.5 mm long, 27.5 mm wide (with mounting tabs: 35 mm) and 33 mm high and is made of temperature-resistant plastic. Thanks to various, cut-off fastening tabs, it should be possible to install in many locomotives.

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