HO, N, Z, TT Scale Water

Plastic sheet and coloured paper. Modelling water scenes with lake sheets and coloured paper underneath is ideal for easy model layout construction.1. A 20 mm thick Styrofoam plate serves as the water underground to which drop for drop a little solvent (nitro-cellulose combination thinner) is applied - that creates a rippled underground. This is then painted with poster paint (blue and green).2. The lake sheet is placed onto the body of water, the shore marked approx. 5 mm larger than the body of water and the sheet cut out accordingly.3. The coloured water underground is made even more realistic looking with moss (170730/170729), bushes, etc.4. The fitted lake sheet is then placed over the 'body of water' and levelled out into the shore with compound (180502/180503).5. To decorate the shore the same material applied for general scenic modelling is used.More tips on this in the brochure 'Modelling Made Easy' (190840/190842).

Dimensions: 530 x 260mm

HO, N, Z, TT
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