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KM1 103204

DB Era IIIa E 32 24, Electric Locomotive, Bw Munich Hbf. (Factory Sold Out)

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The E 32 with the wheel arrangement 1''C1 ''was initially provided in the proposal by the German Reichsbahn procurement program as Passenger Locomotive on Bavarian routes. As part of the first major electrification wave was obtained in 1925 a total of 29 copies, making it one of the numerically larger series this early period. The E 32 has two large, standing in the locomotive body traction motors, which transmits via a gear and obliquely downward force acting on the dummy shaft rods power to the driving axles. On the rigid frame, the symmetrically arranged loco sits with sloping bulkhead roof and the first still customary end doors including bridge plates. The speed limit was set at delivery, 75 km / h, but was increased in 1932 by a changed gear to 90km / h at 8 machines. These have since been performed at a higher order 100 order number. After the Second World War the German Federal Railroad took over another 24 locomotives and recorded 1968 22 pieces into the EDP series designation 132nd This confirms the long and reliable use of these machines. The spoked wheels and pinion drive this series reminds us strongly of the Steam drives. The E 32 was initially spread in Southern home, was then, however, in many parts of West Germany go. Towards the end of the E32 were contracted at the Bw München Hbf and retired 1972nd The E 32 27 is obtained as a single copy today a museum. This old building of the Electric locomotive Classic starts KM1 entry into the world of electric locomotives.


Precision model made of brass and stainless steel, high-performance engine, ESU LokSound XL 4.0 sound decoder with KM1 high-quality sound, Visaton Broadband speaker, functional fähiger and switchable via decoder functional Pantograph, cab lighting, changing in direction top light, warm light LEDs, durable shaft drive with rollfähigem and ball-bearing gear, drive ball bearings and suspension and axles, maintenance and noise-free power take-off via axle bearings, wheel rims made of stainless steel, spring buffer, opening cab doors, wheels with elliptical spokes, detailed and multicolored painted cab, detail of reproduced engine room with switchable engine room lighting, screw couplings exchanged KM1 Doppelhaken- or claw couplings , prototypical painting and lettering, minimum radius 1020mm, Length over buffers, about 40.6 cm, weight 4.5 kg

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Electric Locomotives
Era III (1945-1970)
DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
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