1 Scale Special Track (function etc)

KM1 400402

Turntable of 23 meters, finished model turntable with digital drive and sound

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Our hub is not only characterized by sophisticated technology and an exemplary detail, but also by the flexible adaptation possibilities to your space and plant conditions. The offer includes two stage lengths: for smaller installations and installation situations, we offer a turntable with a 19 m model. Larger tow locomotives up to the BR 45 can be turned with the 23 m unit type. It is so easy to set up our turntable: with only two cables at the track connection and you can control the model with a commercial digital center! They drive the hub just like a locomotive address. You can define the functions yourself and adapt them to your needs. The sound memory can also be supplied with updates at any time.

The advantages of a turntable are obvious:
On the one hand, you can see your beautiful models from all angles and views, without having to take the model off the track. On the other hand, it is possible to simply rotate and thus change the direction of rotation in the case of all-round systems. Good reasons, therefore, the purchase of a KM1 turntable.

Our model is particularly characterized by the following features:
- CNC-milled pit - precise and durable
- plastic / metal platform
- brass railing
- 9-way bearing on precision ball bearings made of high-quality stainless steel, no
  "tilting" the pit
- CNC turned pintle stainless steel
- Digital decoder with sound, programmable and upgradeable, so future-proof
- Generic KM1 base board with all connections, servo control, series resistors
   for LED etc.
- Lenz FI terminal loop electronics - no short circuit or power failure in turning the stage
- 6 fold current consumption
- 4x servo drive for locking (series) and locking signals (option)
- two drive units with motors and maintenance-free, encapsulated metal gears
- traction and preloaded drive rollers as in the example on the ring rail
- also in blocking the hub no gearbox damage possible
- Uniform And slow turning m it variable speed control
- 2 speakers in connection with sound system
- KM1 HQ Sound (original driving sound, buzzer, bell, lock noise)
- Precise laser manufacturing stage
- stage can be removed at any time for maintenance by loosening one screw
- Low height of the pit of total only 50 mm
- Easy connection by digital design - only left and right rails have to be
- track preselection and complete automation optional
- freely selectable degree of the track outlets, thus optimal adaptation to your system possible
- easy assembly of the track outlets or blind pieces using the included template
- All standard track and profile heights can be adapted: 4 threaded rods with wing
   nuts allow simple adjustment of the height
- rail connections or blind pieces with locking also available individually
- stage pre-equipped for later automation
- immediately ready for operation with each market digital center (Motorola, DCC, Selectrix)
- Digital address, speed, acceleration and braking delay, function key assignment etc.
  freely programmable
- model-free wooden floor on stage
- Broken access steps to the pit
- fine replicated, multi-colored lacquered keeper's house with interior
- interior lighting prepared
- Rotating Lock signals from brass, prepared for the installation of a lighting
- Servomotor locking on both sides with safety cut-off

Scope of delivery:
ready-painted and assembled model of the turntable with digital drive, functional locking and rotatable locking signals, mounting kit for 4 track outlets (400406) and 2 blanks outlets (400407)
 (freely positionable on the pit edge), montage template for track outlets, mounting kit with
 4 threaded studs and wing nuts, short instructions with installation instructions

Optional features:
- Weathering Package
- track exit with lock
- track exit with lock and sensor (automation)
- Blank piece (Gengenstück to track exit)
- Finescale equipment for keeper's house
- Bohlenweg for pit edge (1 pc = 15 degrees in each 1 degree boards divisible)
- Set for automation with SC7 digital center (in preparation)
- set for automation with ECOS (in preparation)
- lighting set for blocking signals and stage house

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Special Track (function etc)
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