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2024 Summer New Item

LGB 22065

RhB Ge 6/6 Electric Locomotive DCC/MFX w/Sound

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Class Ge 6/6 II Electric Locomotive

After the two prototypes of the class Ge 6/6 II delivered in 1957 turned in very good results, another five locomotives of this class were delivered in 1965. They differed from the prototypes mostly in the two large end windows, the prototypes having three. Over the years several changes and conversions were made to the locomotives, the most striking being the red paint scheme starting in the mid-Eighties. Starting at the turn of the millennium the double-arm pantographs were replaced by single-arm versions, which had become a standard on the RhB. In the last few years these impressive units were used only in freight service, but they have since been retired.


  • mfx/DCC-Decoder.
  • 2 powerful motors.
  • Headlights can be digitally controlled.
  • Sound included.
  • Pantographs can be raised and lowered digitally.
  • Prototypical paint scheme.

Product description

This is a model of the Rhaetian Railroad class Ge 6/6 II electric locomotive, road number 706. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical and correct for Era V. It is modelled as it looks before the conversion of the side windows. It is a special version with lettering for the 60th anniversary of this class. The four wheelsets are driven by two powerful motors. The locomotive is equipped with an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions. The single-arm pantographs have servomotors and can be controlled digitally. The articulation at the center of the locomotive is correctly modelled and the roof equipment is prototypical. Length over the buffers 65 cm / 25-5/8".

Running sounds also work in analog operation.

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2024 Summer New Item
Electric Locomotives
Era V (1990-2006)
RhB (Rhaetian Railway)
June 2024
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