G Scale Freight Cars

In 2020, the boxcar, car number Gb 2621, of the DFB (Furka Mountain Line Steam Railroad) was given to the MTV (Musée des Tramways à Vapeur), a museum railroad approximately 30 km / 19 miles north of Paris. There this 15 metric ton and around 8 meter / 26 foot long car is to be restored and used again. As the museum car for 2022, this model shows the steam locomotive, road number 36 - also called "Lulu" - which is also in use by this association. In the near future, this locomotive will surely also be used to pull this freight car.

This item is being produced as a one-time series

This is a model of a 2-axle boxcar painted and lettered for this year's partner, the French museum railroad M.T.V. The paint scheme and lettering fit into Era VI. The sliding doors on the sides can be opened and the car has metal wheelsets. Length over the buffers 39 cm / 15-3/8"

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Freight Cars
Era VI (2006-present)
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