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SOEG Type GGw Boxcar

As early as the start of the 20th century the Royal Saxon State Railroad purchased four-axle freight cars with a length of about 10 meters / 32 feet 6 inches in order to expand capacity in freight service. In one case type GGw boxcars were purchased and in the other case type OOw and type OO gondolas were purchased. These cars gave marvelous results so that well over 1,000 such cars were purchased in various series. Exact figures are no longer available, but in 1962, the DR roster still had 443 boxcars and 607 gondolas. While these cars were painted light gray during the provincial railroad period, this gave way to the customary "freight car brown" on the DRG, which was then kept on the DR. Even today several of these units still exist, in some cases as garden sheds or chicken coops but also as functioning museum cars such as the boxcar, car number GGw 2056 K or the gondola, car number 5113 K, which were built again as new and are used on the Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad.


  • Completely new tooling.
  • Saxon State Railroad boxcar, Era I and Era VI.
  • Still currently in use as shown on the Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad.
  • Components for Heberlein brakes included.
  • Goes with 26846 locomotive and 43601 car.

Product description

This is a model of a type GGw boxcar as delivered around 1900 to the Royal Saxon State Railroad. This model is in the version as a museum car built again and in use on the Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era I and Era VI. The car has metal wheelsets.
Length over the buffers 48 cm / 18-7/8".

2022 Fall New Item
Freight Cars
Era VI (2006-present)
SOEG (Zittauer Schmalspurbahn)
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