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Delaware & Hudson Montreal Limited Passenger Train with PA-1 Locomotives (Very Limited - Factory found a few!)

Sorry, this product is sold out and no longer available from the manufacturer.

This item contains an MFX decoder

Prototype: Alco PA-1 double A unit heavy-duty diesel locomotive with 5 streamliner passenger cars painted and lettered for the American railroad Delaware & Hudson. The train ran in the mid-Seventies under the name "Montreal Limited" between New York, New York and Montreal, Quebec.

Model: The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder and extensive sound functions. It also has controlled high-efficiency propulsion. 2 axles powered. Traction tires. The headlights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The Mars light can be controlled separately. The lights and lighting are maintenance-free, warm white LEDs. All of the cars have factory-installed interior lighting. The observation car has a red marker light. The cars draw their power from the observation car via current-conducting couplings. Total train length is approximately 173.5 cm / 68-5/16"


  Control Unit Mobile station Mobile Station 2 Central station
Headlights · · · ·
Diesel locomotive operating sounds · · · ·
Horn · · · ·
Direct Control · · · ·
Squealing brakes off   · · ·
Marslight   · · ·
Bell   · · ·
Ankuppelgeräusch   · · ·
Rail joint   · · ·
Car radio   · · ·


  • Limited to 1,999 pieces!
  • Side number plates illuminated.

  One-time series.   Like many other US railroad companies showed the Delaware & Hudson Railway (D & H) in the early 1960s very little interest in their famous passenger trains, the "Montreal Limited" (night train) and the "Laurentian" (day train) between New York City and Montreal in Canada. 1964 announced the D & H does the setting of its two prestigious trains. But the outcry was great and the railway company bowed reluctantly to the demands of their passengers. In 1967, Frederic Dumaine new president of D & H. He was a great supporter of the travel railway traffic, and immediately began with the purchase of rolling stock used to bring the figureheads of the D & H on its feet. Of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) were four ALCO PA1-diesel (as D & H 16-19) and are acquired by the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D & RGW) Various coaches. Repainted in the distinctive blue-and-silver-yellow coloring of the D & H brought both the Prestige features of the D & H back once the great atmosphere of the great era of long-distance trains. In 1971, the most long-distance trains were taken over by the newly founded state Amtrak and thus the D & H trains between New York and Montreal. Amtrak, however, decided to withdraw this train movements and so did the "Laurentian" his last voyage on April 30, 1971. However, 1974 saw the locomotives and carriages a renaissance, as Amtrak decided to again offer a passenger train between New York and Montreal. With the rolling stock supplied by the D & H wrong the first time on 5 August of 1974 a passenger train in this relation, now under the name of "Adirondack". For this purpose, let the D & H Extra modernize their four ALCO's PA1. This was done at Morrison Knudsen, where mainly the fault-prone 16-cylinder diesel engine (Type 244) was replaced by the improved 12-cylinder engine (ALCO Model 251). For railway enthusiasts, moreover, the ALCO's the PA-production series are considered the finest and most aesthetic diesel locomotives that were ever built. The modernized locomotives pulled the "Adirondack" with its D & H rolling stock until March 1977. From that date took Amtrak with its gas-powered turbines "Turbo-liners" the "Adirondack".  


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