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DRG Class 50 Freight Steam Locomotive w/Tender (Borsig Edition # 2)

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This item contains an MFX decoder

Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) class 50 freight steam locomotive, with a coal tender as the type 2''''''''2''''''''T26 standard design tender in its original form. With Wagner smoke deflectors, standard design engineer''''''''s cab, and a long running board that slants down at the front to the smoke box. Locomotive 14.894 in Borsig Locomotive Works'''''''' delivery book. Delivered in 1940.

Model: The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder, controlled high-efficiency propulsion, and extensive sound functions. 5 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive and tender are constructed mostly of metal. A 7226 smoke generator can be installed in the locomotive. The dual headlights change over with the direction of travel. They and the smoke generator that can be installed in the locomotive will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The lighting is maintenance-free, warm white LEDs. The close coupling between the locomotive and tender can be adjusted for track curves. There is a close coupler with a guide mechanism and an NEM coupler pocket on the rear of the tender and the front of the locomotive. The minimum radius for operation is 360 mm / 14-3/16". Piston rod protection sleeves and brake hoses are included. Length over the buffers 26.4 cm / 10-3/8". A suitable collector''''''''s display case is included and is constructed of wood and glass with a backdrop relief of the characteristic Borsig gate of the Borsig locomotive works in Berlin-Tegel. There is an engraved metal plate with the builder number on the display case base. A high quality excerpt from the delivery book is included.

Sx Mobile
DCC Mobile
Station 2
Headlight(s) ·   ·   · ·
Smoke generator contact ·   ·   · ·
Steam locomotive op. sounds ·   ·   · ·
Locomotive whistle ·   ·   · ·
Direct control ·   ·   · ·
Sound of squealing brakes off     ·   · ·
Air Pump     ·   · ·
Whistle for switching maneuver     ·   · ·
Letting off Steam     ·   · ·
Bell         · ·
Sound of coal being shoveled         · ·
Grate Shaken         · ·
Injectors         · ·


  • "Borsig Edition 2".
  • Suitable collector''''''''s display case with a relief background for every model in the edition.
  • Controlled high-efficiency propulsion and extensive sound functions.
  • Excerpt from the Borsig delivery book included.

One-time series. (Model 2 of 5).

Borsig - Pioneer Locomotive Builder of Europe. When August Borsig opened his machinery building and iron casting company in 1837 in Berlin, probably no one suspected that out of it would come one of the largest locomotive builders in the world. As early as 1841 August Borsig built the locomotive BORSIG with the builder number 1 after painstaking investigation into the typical English and American locomotive types for that time. This locomotive impressed people with an improved valve gear and axle system and on July 21, 1841 won a contest against an English locomotive with a 10 minute head start. From this day on the victorious path of Borsig locomotive building began that ended in 1954 after more than 16,000 finished locomotives. During the era of steam locomotive building Borsig evolved all over Europe into the greatest and second largest locomotive builder worldwide. In honor of the 175th anniversary of the firm Borsig Marklin is issuing a five-part special series of sought after H0 models which will end in 2016 on the 175th anniversary of steam locomotive building in Germany. Every year a locomotive with exquisite detailing and technically premium features will issued as a one-time series. Each of these models will be delivered with a decorative display case whose backdrop will be designed with a high quality relief of the characteristic Borsig gate. In addition to the relief, the display case will be provided with an engraved metal plate showing the builder number from the delivery book. Each locomotive will also include an excerpt from the Borsig delivery book printed on high quality paper to round out this theme.

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
AC Steam Locomotives
Era II (1925-1945)
DRG (Deutsche Reichsbahn-Gesellschaft (1920-1949))
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