HO Scale AC Steam Locomotives


Union Pacific Railroad (UP) class 800 Heavy Steam Locomotive (MFX+ w/Sound & DYNAMIC SMOKE!)

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Prototype: Union Pacific Railroad (UP) class 800 heavy steam locomotive, with an oil tender. Locomotive road number 844. The locomotive looks as it did starting in 2016.


  • Dynamic smoke exhaust.
  • Locomotive constructed mostly of metal.
  • Many separately applied details.
  • World of Operation mfx+ digital decoder and extensive operation and sound functions included.

The locomotive has an mfx+ digital decoder and extensive sound functions. It also has various operating sounds such as oil and water being replenished or the opening and closing of sliding windows and ventilation hatches on the cab, all of which can be controlled digitally. The locomotive has controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel, mounted in the boiler. 4 axles powered. Traction tires. The locomotive has Boxpok driving wheels. Maintenance-free warm white LEDs are used for the headlight on the locomotive and tender, cab lighting as well as number boards and marker lights, all of which can be controlled digitally. There is a factory-installed smoke generator with dynamic smoke exhaust. The headlights and smoke unit contact will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. There are two powerful speakers in the tender. Imitation couplers in a standard pocket can be mounted on the pilot on the front of the locomotive. There is a close coupling with a mechanism between the locomotive and tender. The locomotive has separately applied metal grab irons. There are many other separately applied details. There is a figure of a locomotive engineer and a fireman in the cab.
Length over the couplers approximately 41 cm / 16-1/8".

  Control Unit Mobile Station Mobile Station 2 Central Station 1/2 Central Station 3/2*
Mobile Station 2**
Headlight(s) * * * * *
Smoke generator contact * * * * *
Steam locomotive op. sounds * * * * *
Locomotive whistle * * * * *
Direct control * * * * *
Sound of squealing brakes off   * * * *
Bell   * * * *
Warning Sound   * * * *
Engineer''''''''s cab lighting   * * * *
Number Board Lights     * * *
Light Function     * * *
Letting off Steam     * * *
Air Pump     * * *
Water Pump     * * *
Injectors     * * *
Auxiliary Blower         *
Coupler sounds         *
Rail Joints         *
Cab chatter         *
Whistle for switching maneuver         *
Replenishing fuel         *
Replenishing fuel         *
Replenishing water         *
Sanding         *
Window         *
Operating sounds         *
Cab chatter         *
Operating sounds         *
Compressor         *
Light Function         *
Cab chatter         *

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2021 Fall New Item
AC Steam Locomotives
Era VI (2006-present)
US Railways (Railways in the USA)
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