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DB cl 038.10-40 Steam Locomotive w/Tub-Style Tender MFX+ w/Sound (New Tooling)

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This item contains an MFX decoder

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 38.10-40 steam locomotive with a tub-style tender and with Witte smoke deflectors and 2 boiler domes (steam dome, sand dome). Former Prussian P8.

Model: The locomotive has a frame, superstructure, tender, and applied parts constructed mostly of metal. This is a highly detailed model with many separately applied parts and a detailed engineer's cab. The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder, controlled high efficiency propulsion, and a sound generator with operating sounds synchronized with the wheels as well as extensive sound functions. It can be operated with AC power, DC power, Marklin Digital, or DCC. 3 axles powered. The locomotive has a built-in smoke unit with smoke exhaust and cylinder steam synchronized with the wheels. The triple headlights have a light color correct for the era and change over with the direction of travel. The headlights and the smoke generator will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Maintenance-free, warm white LEDs are used for the lighting. The locomotive has engine cab and firebox lights. The locomotive has a reproduction of the prototype coupler on the front and on the rear of the tender. An accessory package with a reproduction of the prototype coupler, a claw coupler, and a figure of a locomotive engineer and a fireman is included with the locomotive. Minimum radius for operation 1,020 mm / 40-3/16". Length over the buffers 64.5 cm / 25-3/8".

DCC Mobile
SX2 Mobile
Station 2
SX Central
Headlight(s) ·   ·   ·   ·  
Smoke generator ·   ·   ·   ·  
Steam locomotive op. sounds ·   ·   ·   ·  
Locomotive whistle ·   ·   ·   ·  
Direct control ·   ·   ·   ·  
Engineer�s cab lighting     ·   ·   ·  
Sound of coal being shoveled     ·   ·   ·  
Bell     ·   ·   ·  
Whistle for switching maneuver     ·   ·   ·  
Sound of squealing brakes off         ·   ·  
Letting off Steam         ·   ·  
Running gear lights         ·   ·  
Water Pump         ·   ·  
Generator Sounds         ·   ·  
Injectors         ·   ·  
Grate Shaken         ·   ·  


  • Tub-style tender as completely new tooling.
  • Highly detailed metal construction.
  • A smoke generator with smoke exhaust and cylinder steam synchronized with the wheels included.
  • Operating sounds synchronized with the wheels and controlled by the load.
  • Smoke box door with many original details, can be opened.
  • Headlights with a light color correct for the era and warm white LEDs.
  • Two-color fire box flickering light.
  • Running gear lights included.
  • Engine cab lighting included.
  • mfx decoder for operation with AC power, DC power, Marklin Digital, or DCC.

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
2015 New Item
Steam Locomotives
Era IV (1970-1990)
DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
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