1 Scale Railway Buildings

Prototype: Frasdorf (Bavaria) locomotive shed on the route Rosenheim - Frasdorf near Chiemsee. A locomotive engineer's residence is attached to the locomotive shed.

Model: The model is finely laser cut and fits together exactly and it has numerous details. The model frame, interior area, and superstructure are made of medium density fiberboard, and the wood facade in the area of the gable is made of dark brown stained plywood. The locomotive shed and the locomotive engineer's residence can also be set up separately. The doors on the locomotive shed can be opened manually. The interior details of the locomotive shed are modelled in the form of a workbench and a cabinet. Dimensions of the locomotive shed approximately 500 mm x 160 mm x 195 mm / 19-11/16" x 5-7/8" x 7-11/16" (LxWxH) H= ridge height. Dimensions of the residence approximately 220 x 150 x 195 mm / 8-11/16" x 6-1/4" x 7-11/16" (LxWxH)


  • Can be used for many eras.

2017 New Item
Railway Buildings
Era III (1945-1970)
Era IV (1970-1990)
Era V (1990-2006)
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