HO, N, 1 Scale Command Stations and Expansion

Note: The 60114 (1 Gauge) or the 60116 (H0) Connector Box is required to connect the Mobile Station.

This is a digital hand control unit. 11 locomotives can be controlled with direct access. Locomotive selection can be done with the built-in Marklin Digital locomotive database or by means of digital addresses. 16 locomotive functions and 320 solenoid items can be controlled. There is automatic display of the function status in the built-in background-lighted b/w full graphic display using self-explanatory pictograms for mfx locomotives and when selecting locomotives from the built-in locomotive database. The Mobile Station has a built-in locomotive card reader. It also has a lighted red Stop button. There is a 1.9 amp output power section in the optionally available track connector box (60114/60116). 2 Mobile Stations (60657) can be connected independently of each other to the track connector box. When the Mobile Station is operated connected to the (60213-60216 and 60226), there is access to the Central Station settings (Central Station's complete locomotive list, all solenoid items on the Central Station's keyboards and with their designations). Locomotives and powered units can be run and controlled in the formats Motorola, mfx, and DCC. Solenoid items can be controlled in the formats Motorola und DCC. Dimensions 160 x 100 x 39 mm / 6-5/16" x 3-15/16" x 1-1/2".


  • Simple, easy operation.
  • Background-lighted graphic display with self-explanatory pictograms.
  • 16 controllable auxiliary functions.
  • 320 solenoid items can be controlled.
  • Built-in locomotive card reader.
  • Simple wiring (Plug & Play) to the track connector box and the Central Station.
  • Built-in Marklin Digital locomotive database.

2016 New Item
HO, N, 1
Command Stations and Expansion
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