HO Scale Locomotive Decoders

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT This product is discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturer. We have qty 1 available in stock in our store.

Conversion Decoder:

  • Decoder with extensive sound functions and with a wiring harness
  • 1 auxiliary function on the hardware (+2 instead of a motor also possible)
  • 60965 for steam locomotive
  • 60966 for diesel locomotive
  • 60967 for electric locomotive

Common Features:

Can be used for all Trixand Märklin H0 Locomotives!


  • MM2
  • MFX
  • DCC
  • Analog AC
  • Analog DC


  • Monitoring
  • Sine
  • As function outputs

Mapping using:

  • MFX
  • DCC

Braking Module:

  • Märklin
  • DCC

Speed Levels:

  • 14 (DCC, MM2)
  • 27 (MM2)
  • 28 (DCC)
  • 128 (DCC, MFX)

Operating Mode Outputs:

  • Dimmer (for dimming)
  • Flash 1
  • Flash 2
  • Strobe (1 light flashing)
  • Double Strobe (2 lights flashing)
  • Random
  • Smoke
  • Zoom
  • Mars
  • Gyrating Lights
  • Neon
  • Energy Save
  • Software for Telex

Analog Functions:

  • Acceleration and braking delay can be adjusted.
  • You can set which auxiliary functions are to be active.
  • Load compensation monitoring is active.


  • Auxiliary outputs can have a maximum load of 250 milliamps(limited only by the total maximum load for the decoder).
  • Switching range control.


  • The mLDand mSDcan be programmed with all Märklin central units (6021 to 60215). On the 6021 programming can be done up to and including CV 80 (system design).
  • Full programming can also be done with the current Mobile Station.
  • The mLDand mSDsupport all DCC programming modes including POM(main track programming).

Operational Safety:

  • A false operational bit is supported so that locomotives from an analog area can enter a digital area without going into reverse.
  • The fastest possible startup after an interruption in operation (thanks to memory storage of the last settings for a locomotive’s decoder).

Ease of Operation:

  • The mLDand mSDare protected against short circuits and overloads.
  • The mLDand mSDcan be updated.

* Not on mSD with wiring harness

** 1 auxiliary function on mSD with wiring harness

Locomotive Decoders
Discontinued - Last Ones
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