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DB German Federal Postal System Train Set (2/2022 MHI Exclusive Item)(Factory Sold Out)

Sorry, this product is sold out and no longer available from the manufacturer.

Starting in August of 1948, the Hannover Postal District began to manage the switching service between Hannover Main Station, the Pferdeturm (Horse Tower) car yard station (mail transfer hall), the Clausewitz Street Mail Complex, and the Westside Mail Complex with its own diesel locomotives. By the end of 1953, three replicas of the three-axle side rod drive German Army diesel locomotives (similar to the DB class V 36) were available for this work. Initially, they scurried constantly in two, later in three shifts across the tracks of the Hannover Main Station, in the case of heavy trains even in a double locomotive combination as the "Double Lottie". In the beginning, these units were painted black, but starting at the latest in the Sixties, they were in a gleaming red with a silver roof and a postal horn and lettering in yellow. The locomotives rostered as road numbers 1, 3, and 4 ran until August 1, 1972, and then switching service in Hannover with postal system locomotives was abandoned due to rationalization.

Prototype: German Federal Postal System freight train consisting of a class V 36 diesel locomotive (OPD Hannover) with 2 type Gmhs 53 boxcars, 1 type Rmms 33 stake car with a brakeman''s platform, and a Tempo three-wheel delivery vehicle. The train and the delivery vehicle look as they did in Era III around 1963.

This item is being produced as a one-time series


  • Motor with a bell-shaped armature.
  • Tempo three-wheel delivery vehicle.

Model: The locomotive has a motor with a bell-shaped armature and it is constructed mostly of metal. In addition, there are headlights / marker lights with warm white / red LEDs, which change over with the direction of travel. All of the cars are prototypically imprinted. The "Post" Tempo three-wheeler as a freight load is constructed of metal, has rubber tires, and can be rolled. A set of stakes is included for the type Rmms 33. The train and delivery vehicle are a special version and are not available individually. Length over the buffers approximately 220 mm / 8-5/8".

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DB (Deutsche Bundesbahn)
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