HO Scale Scenes and Dioramas

· 6 rhubarbs
· 24 strawberries
· 4 virginia creepers

Once Across the Vegetable Patch! 
Enjoy gardening fun! For years, the NOCH Laser-Cut minis have been part of the NOCH range. They even have been awarded several prices. 
The two garden sets (item ref. 14107 und item ref. 14109) are new assorted set, featuring different Laser-Cut minis plants.

NOCH Laser-Cut minis are a series with small, realistic Laser-Cut plants and Laser-Cut Kits. 
The miniature plants made of a special reinforced, multicoloured paper cut by laser. 
In 2009, the readers of the »Eisenbahn-Magazin« voted this model »product of the year«. Since then, these Laser-Cut minis have improved constantly. Now they are even more delicate and visualize even the finest details and structures. Due to the paper's special composition the products are very stable, yet still formable. There is no artificial brilliance, as seen on plastic products: It does not get any more realistic!
The Laser-Cut minis Kits are highly detailed models at a favourable price. They bring life to the scenery and can find a place on every model landscape.

Packaging Unit: 1 Set

2016 Fall New Item
Scenes and Dioramas
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