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NOCH 58276

Arcade Wall, 33 x 12,5 cm (Factory Sold Out)

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Details Arcade Wall, 33 x 12,5 cm

Coarse Stones Delicately Processed 
Our modelling artist has come up with something special for this stone wall: the roughly cut granite stone is set into the limelight. Delicate details like turrets, battlements and cornices put the portals into the centre of attention of your model railroad layout and are a real eye-catcher.
For the Viaduct »Ravenna« (ref. 58675), the same stone is processed and therefore the wall of this series can easily be used to create, for example, appropriate bridgeheads. By the way: the stone is big enough for walls in scale 0!

An ideal add-on to the portals are the NOCH Interior Tunnel Walls. These are available in wall or rock structure: Interior Tunnel Wall straight (ref. 58030 and 58032) or curved (ref. 58031 and 58033).

Product Highlights:
· Great design with endless, delicate details
· Lightweight
· Stable
· Easy to use
· Solvent-resistant
· Fits perfectly to the Viaduct »Ravenna« (ref. 58675)

Contents: 0.04 qm
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 330.00 mm
Width: 125.00 mm
How-to-tip Arcade Wall, 33 x 12,5 cm

Advantages of NOCH Hard Foam Walls and Portals
As structured hard foam is solvent-resistant, you may apply all kind of lacquers, colours (ideally NOCH Acrylic Matt Sprays) and even solvent-based adhesives on the surface.
Structured hard foam parts can be worked easily and as desired. To bring the parts to their required form, you do not need a lot of time, power or any special tools.
For cutting, ideally use a scroll saw. The saw blade slides easily through the hard foam without ripping or splintering the cutting edges. Precise changes on the shape may be achieved by using a hacksaw or a precision saw. Cut the hard foam with a very sharp blade, for example with a universal or pocket knife. For the following filing and fine finishing, sandpaper of all grades is suitable.
You may of course also file the hard foam - with a rough rasp as well as with a fine key file. If you wish to shape a hard foam part, heat it with a hairdryer or dip it into hot water. The warmed-up material can be bent in the required form. The shape does not change after cooling.

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