HO Scale Roads and Streets

Details Structure Place "Roman Pattern"

It Couldn’t be More Realistic!
The NOCH Structure Roads are made of natural raw materials like quartz sand and rock powder. This guarantees a natural surface look and feel, as well as a realistic appearance and a very high UV resistance.
The Structure Roads are therefore the first choice for any ambitious hobbyist.
The other big advantage of the innovative production technology – based on thin substrate and by using solvent-free binding - is the high flexibility of the Structure Road.
Find more information in the modelling tip.

Highlights of the Structure Road:
· Realistic appearance by using natural raw materials
· High UV resistance
· High flexibility thanks to the thin substrate
· Easy handling

Contents: 0.03 qm
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces
Length: 155.00 mm
Width: 210.00 mm
How-to-tip Structure Place "Roman Pattern"

Cut off the protective pad of the Structure Road with a knife or scissors. Put the Structure Road on the surface and cut it roughly.
Apply with a brush solvent-free adhesive on the substrate. We recommend using the UHU POR contact adhesive.
Push the Stucture Road in the adhesive bed and fit it to the substrate.
The street is finished. All solvent-free colours are appropriate for the followup treatment. We recommend the NOCH Weathering Powder (ref. 61165).

Important note: Do not work with the Structure Roads below 15 °C. Risk of breakage!

2018 New Item
Roads and Streets
June 2018
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