HO, N, Z, O, TT Scale Landscape Forming

The Easy Way to Start the First Chapter…
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How do you succeed in beginning the wonderful hobby of model landscaping easily and trouble-free? Simply use the new Basic Set »Modelling«.

Starting from the terrain, continuing with grass application and water structuring, this kit contains all you need to start the creation of your own favourite model landscape scene.

Note: The Water Drops® included in the set need to be processed while hot. There is danger of burning. Please use gloves.

· Ballast, 250 g
· Terrain Structure Paste, grey, 100 g
· Water-Drops® easy, 125 g
· Grass Glue, 50 g
· Puffer Bottle
· Grass Summer Meadow, 2.5 mm long grass fibres, 40 g
· Scatter Material Arable Land, 42 g
· Lichen, green, 20g
· Grass Tufts, mixed, 40 pieces

Expected release: April 2016

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HO, N, Z, O, TT
Landscape Forming
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