HO, N, Z, TT Scale Roads and Streets

The Road Construction Set is an entirely new method of creating model roads. The set contains specially developed very fine asphalt granules in an applicator, a refill pack of the asphalt granules and special grey acrylic road colour. ith the contents of this set you can create a 3.15 in. wide country road with alength of 118.11 in. The application is very easy: First apply glue on the road or square area (e.g. NOCH grass glue). Then, sprinkle the asphalt granules in the applicator on this area. After drying, the road surface is painted and sealed with the acrylic road colour. Applicator with 150 ml (5.07 fl.oz) fine 'Asphalt Granules', 100 ml (3.4 fl.oz) refill pack 'Asphalt Granules', 125 ml (4.3 fl.oz) bottle with grey acrylic road colour

2009 New Item
HO, N, Z, TT
Roads and Streets
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