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250 g, ready-to-pour in a bottle

Details Artificial Water color

Water Design – Now Even Easier and More Realistic!

Designing bodies of water always poses great challenges for us. The NOCH range already offers a large selection of different materials. This year’s new products focus on even easier application for an even more realistic result!

Artificial Water ‘color’

Artificial Water ‘color’ is also new. The substance is the easiest way imaginable to create bodies of water, especially small lakes, pools, ponds, puddles and artificial ponds in mountainous regions. The substance comes coloured teal, which increases the depth effect enormously compared to transparent substances. Artificial Water is poured onto the prepared substrate straight from the bottle in a layer of maximum 2 – 3 mm. Due to the shrinking process while hardening, the volume is reduced by approx. 50 % after approx. 12 hours. A perfect water surface has emerged!

Contents: 200.00 g
Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

How-to-tip Artificial Water color

  • The colours are individually mixed to create a suitable shade.
  • They are then applied with a brush.
  • In order to imitate depth, the colour becomes darker towards the centre and lighter towards the edge.
  • Artificial Water ‘color’ is carefully poured to form a layer of 2–3 mm.
  • Once the Artificial Water has dried, Aqua Effects can be applied to the surface.

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