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An eventful summer comes to an end. Now the days are getting cloudier and colder. Much to the delight of model train fans, because now the tinkering can start again to the full. The new NOCH catalog is a must!

Also this year there have been some changes in our assortment.

A special highlight for newcomers is certainly the Easy-Track track kit "Karlsberg" (Item No. 53600) and the Landscaping Basic Equipment Package (Item No. 60780). The combination of these two items is perfect for getting started in the model making hobby, but also for expanding existing installations.

New in the range, the Grass Master 3.0 (Item No. 60110) and Grass Master 3.0 PROFI (Item No. 60112). The (R)evolution is here! The Gras-Master is still the measure of all things when it comes to professional grassing of model railroad layouts. It creates perfect landscape greening.

Catalog is wonderfully illustrated in 418 pages!

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