All Scale Function/Stationary Decoders

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The signal module has 2 separate connections for two light signals with maximum 4 signal terms each. 2 addresses are saved in the system for every connection, thus 4 addresses for every signal module.
Signals can be connected with lamps as well as with LED. Integrated logic switching for automatic block post operation. In combination with the brake generator (10779), automatic switch-over to a brake signal is possible.

■ 2x separate connections for signal stop section
■ 1x input for power supply of the digital system (10761, 10762, 10764, 10765, 10820, 10822, 10805, 10806, 10807)
■ 1x input Power supply from booster 10806 or 10807 configured as brake generator
■ 2x separate connections for 3 track contacts/circuit tracks each

All connections are short-circuit-safe.

■ Signal module
■ 2 piece 8-pole connectors
■ 2 piece 3-pole connectors
■ Manual

- Dimensions (LxWxH) - 90 x 80 x 25 mm

2002 New Item
Function/Stationary Decoders
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