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Z21 pro LINK

Configuring and networking of your Z21 hardware has now become even more simple and convenient. In addition, the Z21 pro Link also convinces users with its easy control and capacity to perform updates.

■ No complex CV tables
■ Integrated web server
■ Installed WLAN

■ Directly via the installed display and buttons. Everything in plain text; no detours.
■ Large and convenient via the webpage on your PC or Smartphone. The integrated web server automatically detects the connected device.

■ Always keep your Z21 system up to date.
■ With the Z21 Updater App for iOS and Android.
■ Via PC with the Z21 Maintenance Tool.

■ The dream of the “Internet of Moba Things” or IoMT for short has become reality!
■ Communication with control commands and status queries directly via WLAN.

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