TT Scale Steam Locomotives

Diesel locomotive class 120 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

■ Model in cherry red livery
■ With "Lugansk" type silencer

As the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) intended to accelerate the traction change in its vehicle fleet, it bought from 1966 to 1975 from the Soviet Union a total of 378 locomotives of the type V 200 (later designated as BR 120). Since the locomotives were delivered from factory without train heating, they were mainly used in freight trains. Later, silencers were mounted to reduce the noise level of the motors. Because of the loud motor noise, the locomotive became soon known under the name "Taigatrommel".

General data
- Number of axles with traction tyres - 2
- Number of driven axles - 6
- Coupling - NEM shaft 358 with close coupling mechanism
- Minimum radius - 267 mm
- Flywheel - yes

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