TT Scale Diesel Locomotives

Diesel locomotive class 108 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.


■ With revised drive
■ Delicately designed model with many extra applied plug-in parts
■ Freestanding, filigree handles
■ In digital mode with switchable maneuvering lights (3x white on both sides) and individually switchable headlights or taillights
■ With Henning sound

The Deutsche Reichsbahn designated four-axle mainline diesel locomotives for medium service as the class V 100 (from 1970: class 110). Compared to the original class 110, class 108 had a flow reverse gear and an optimised motor with reduced power. Following the new purpose as a shunting locomotive, the boiler could also be omitted; instead, cooler groups and a preheater were installed.

General data
- Coupling - NEM shaft 358 with close coupling mechanism
- Minimum radius - 267 mm
- Number of driven axles - 4
- Traction tyres - 2
- Flywheel - yes
- Interface - Electrical interface for traction units PluX16
- Head light - 3 headlight, dependent on the direction of travel/2 tail lights, dependent on the direction of travel

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Diesel Locomotives
Era IV (1970-1990)
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