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ROCO 73487

Electric locomotive 541 002-6 Innofreight, SZ (DCC w/Sound)

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Electric locomotive 541 002 “Innofreight” of the Slovenian State Railway (SZ).

Model with digital decoder and digitally switchable sound and light functions as well as buffer capacitor for uninterruptible power supply.

■ Exclusive printing with "Innofreight" design
■ The model is used in the cross-border freight traffic.

The Austrian company "Innofreight" was founded in 2002 and initially specialized in wood transport. Even today, "Innofreight" still puts the main focus on the transport of trunk trees and wood chips. However, the transport of agricultural products, building materials or liquids belongs also to one of the company's competences today. In the summer of 2018, "Innofreight" and the Slovenian State Railways (SZ) launched the electric locomotive 541 002-6 in the eye-catching "Innofreight" livery yellow. The locomotive was designed for promotion purposes and to show that the cooperation between the two railway compies perfectly worked.

General data
- Number of axles with traction tyres - 1
- Number of driven axles - 4
- Coupling - NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism
- Minimum radius - 358 mm
- Flywheel - yes
- Sound - yes
- Interface - Electrical interface for traction units PluX22

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2019 New Item
Electric Locomotives
Era VI (2006-present)
SZ (Slovenian State Railways)
No longer available from the manufacturer
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