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Multifunctional light decoder with numerous options yet easy handling. The functions can be configured with DIP-switches. More advanced options can be activated digitally via CV-programming. 4 groups, each with 8 current protected outputs can be switched individually, or configured as various lighting scenarios. Flicker-free LED lighting and various effects provide numerous possibilities on your layout. For each of the 4 groups, 13 applications with a variety of effects can be selected. They can be controlled with two inputs. Applications and effects: house illumination with random operation, TV-simulator, billboards, street lights with starting effects, random flickering and afterglow, various flickering or blinking effects (campfire, warning lights, St. Andrew's crosses, flashing lights), special effects (thunderstorm, fireworks, double flash for emergency vehicles), etc. Maximum load per output: 100 mA, overload protected. For analogue and digital operation.

2017 New Item
Function/Stationary Decoders
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