All Scale Function/Stationary Decoders

This product does not have a specific scale associated with it. It will appear in our product lists regardless of what scale you have selected . Please check the description (if available) to ensure that it meets you needs.

The module offers an integrated digital decoder (Marklin-Motorola, NMRA-DCC) and is used to control 2 colour light signals (one home signal and one distant signal) with LEDs and a common plus pole or bulbs, provided they do not draw more than 200 mA in total. Therefore, it is suitable for all signal scales 0 up to Z (except for the Viessmann signals with multiplex-technology). It can be activated in conventional mode via the push-button panels items 5545, 5546 and 5547 or via a digital signal. It is equipped with Viessmann Signalbus and can be configured for the following applications:

- 2 or several aspect colour light signal: A 2-aspect home signal with the aspects proceed and stop requires the push-button panel item 5547 (for 4 signals) or a digital address. A signal with 3 or 4 aspects with the additional aspects proceed slowly and shunting permitted requires the push-button panel item 5546 (3-aspect, 2 signals) resp. item 5545 (4-aspect, 2 signals) resp. a digital operation 2-aspect.

- Distant signal or block signal: When configured as a block signal the module responds automatically to the status of the corresponding track sector. This works only in conjunction with track occupancy detectors with continuous output. Per signal sector up to 2 track sectors are required. In this mode the module changes automatically to proceed if the following sector is clear (unoccupied). If one of the two sectors is occupied, the module switches to stop.

- Own distant signal or distant signal on the same mast: The signal module controls the main signal and the corresponding distant signal or the distant signal of a following main signal mounted on the same mast. In that case the distant signal will show the dark aspect when the main signal shows stop.

- Interrupt track supply or switch on brake generator when stop aspect is shown: With the relay for automatic train control item 5228 the module can stop trains automatically either by interrupting the track voltage in front of the signal or - more prototypical - with the digital brake module item 5232 (Marklin Motorola) or a brake generator (for NMRA DCC). This makes it possible in both analogue and digital mode to control the track by sections.
Signal with aspects stop and proceed slowly: If required you can configure the module to permit these two aspects only. In that case the module can be activated via the push-button panel item 5547 or a digital address.

Regardless if the module is triggered by push buttons or track contacts the logic always assures that the red button has preference if two or more devices provide conflicting commands.

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Function/Stationary Decoders
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