All Scale Function/Stationary Decoders

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Compatible with Viessmann Commander, Marklin digital systems (Marklin-Interface and Memory), Uhlenbrock Intellibox and Fleischmann Twin-Center. The 8 inputs of the decoder can be connected directly to the rail segments and are suitable for displaying the occupancy of the segments or to trigger Marklin Memory- or Intellibox. IB-switch functions and routes in the commander are directly connectable to the controlled track sections. The integrated electronic sensors can detect any vehicle which consumes current (locomotives, coaches equipped with lights or with resistors) on the isolated rail segments. FFor this purpose the middle rail of a 3-rail system, or one of the rails of a 2-rail system has to be isolated. Optocouplers in the module increase the reliability of operation. Track voltage is supervised, so the occupancy information is preserved even after a blackout. A 15 cm long flat cable with s88 plug is attached.

Function/Stationary Decoders
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