All Scale Command Stations and Expansion

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he new thing about the LH101:

The tried and tested remains:

  • 9,999 addresses for digital locomotives
  • Address "0" for an analog locomotive*  Attention! Important note!
  • Entering the locomotive address via a keyboard of ten
  • quick change to the previously controlled locomotive with only one button
  • Stack for quick selection of 8 freely selectable locomotive addresses
  • in connection with the central LZV100 up to 29 functions (F0 to F28) can be contacted in corresponding locomotive receivers
  • any decoder function can be adjusted as a continuous or moment function
  • Display of the function in the display
  • synchronous control of several locomotives in double or multiple traction with separate address
  • when using signal-capable switching receivers Display of the actual turnout
  • Display of the status of the inputs on feedback modules LR101
  • Programming of the parameters of locomotive decoders on a separate programming track and on the main track (PoM)
  • Switching option for up to 1,024 switches, signals, magnetic articles and other accessories

The hand controller LH101:

The hand controller LH101 can do everything important, which even the proven LH100 can do. And, of course, a lot more contemporary. We have attached great importance to a high user-friendliness and prefer to dispense with equipment that is more suitable for a smartphone in favour of safe and simple operation.

Command Stations and Expansion
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