O Scale Steam Locomotives

Steam locomotive BR 038 477-6, DB, Ep.4, with box tender, Witte smoke deflectors, BD Stuttgart Bw Tubingen

BR 38 / P8 - the prototype

The passenger locomotive introduced as the Prussian P8 of class 35.17 later became the 38.10-40 and is the model for the 0 gauge model. After superheated steam engines had already proven to be easy to maintain and efficient in the G 8, the P 8 with its economical twin superheated steam engine was a design milestone in the construction of passenger train locomotives. With a wheelbase (incl. tender 2'2'T 21.5) of less than 16 metres, the P 8 also fit on small turntables. In contrast to its predecessor, the P 6, the P 8 ran 100 km/h forwards and 50 km/h backwards, and even 85 km/h backwards in the later push-pull train service at DB with a tub tender and closed driver's cab.

BR 38 / P8 - the model

This locomotive model also impresses with its rich equipment and - like all Lenz locomotives - with the faithful detailed representation. In addition to the standard equipment:

  • Decoder with USP and energy storage as well as numerous functions and sound already integrated
  • prototypical locomotive-tender distance (please be sure to read the instructions attached to the model!)
  • Noiseless engine control enables smooth, jerk-free running and particularly good low-speed driving characteristics
  • The speed of the motor is determined by an angle magnetic sensor mounted on the motor axle
  • The lamps are equipped with maintenance-free LEDs
  • In digital mode, the front and rear headlights can be switched on and off separately, and the brightness can be adjusted separately from other lights
  • The driver's cab lighting can be switched separately from the headlight, the brightness can be adjusted separately from other lights
  • The shunting gear reduces the speed of the locomotive by about half, so shunting movements can be carried out particularly sensitively; Manoeuvring light means that both the front and rear (white) lamps are switched on, regardless of the direction of travel

The Lenz locomotive tender coupling

With this coupling mimic, the radius R1 (914 mm) can also be driven on at the prototypical distance between the locomotive and the tender. This video (using the BR 50 as an example) shows how locomotive and tender are connected and disconnected.

Equipment of all Lenz gauge 0 locomotives and locomotives:

All 0 gauge locomotives from Lenz set standards in terms of equipment, functionality and fidelity to the original and have:

  • Mixed construction metal/plastic
  • High-performance engine
  • Flange height less than 1.2 mm.


  • Length over buffers: 413 mm
  • Remote Uncoupling
  • Close Coupling
  • Kinemagnetics
  • Prototype coupler can be retrofitted
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Metal Wheel Sets
  • Constant Lighting
  • Directional Lighting
  • Interior Lighting
  • ABC
  • USP
  • RailCom
  • Digital/analog detection
  • Sound
  • Smoke Generator
  • Epoche 4
  • Railway: DB
  • 3 Powered Axles

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Steam Locomotives
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