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Cheaper: the mixed double

BR 55 and BR 56 appear as DB and DR variants, two models each with different car numbers. The highlight: The double pack is available for a friendly 2,799 euros * (compared to the sum of the individual prices 3,170 euros *). You can mix (almost) as you like: two DBs with the same or different numbers, or two DR locomotives with the same or different company numbers, or one DB with a DR together ... Anyone who has already pre-ordered a locomotive from the dealer he can of course still adjust his order accordingly.

Equipment of all Lenz gauge 0 locomotives and traction vehicles

All Lenz gauge 0 locomotives set standards in terms of equipment, functionality and authenticity, and have unique options:

  • Mixed construction metal / plastic
  • High performance motor
  • remote controlled, automatic coupling
  • Constant light
  • Direction-dependent light change
  • Spring buffer
  • Metal wheel sets
  • Flange height less than 1.2 mm
  • Automatic detection of Lenz digital (DCC) or conventional DC voltage operation (analog)

BR 55 - the model

With over 5,000 units built, the 55 series is one of the most successful freight locomotives, and the G 8.1 was further developed from 1913 onwards from the G 8, which had been built since 1902. With the same top speed of 55 km / h, the G 8.1 had an output of 1,260 PSi instead of 1,100 PSi.

BR 55 - the model

This locomotive model also impresses with its extensive equipment and - like all Lenz locomotives - with its detailed representation true to the original. In addition to the standard equipment :

  • Decoder with USP and energy storage as well as numerous functions and sound already integrated
  • Original sound
  • Steam generator
  • Spring buffer
  • Metal chassis
  • Noiseless motor control enables smooth, jerk-free running and particularly good slow driving properties

The speed of the motor is determined by a magnetic angle sensor mounted on the motor axis
The automatic Lenz coupling, which can be operated remotely in digital operation, is located on both sides of the locomotive

The locomotive has constantly bright headlights at the front and rear, the lamps are equipped with maintenance-free LEDs, and the light changes depending on the direction of travel

In digital mode, the front and rear headlights can be switched on and off separately, and the brightness can be set separately from other lights

The cab lighting can be switched separately from the headlights, the brightness can be set separately from other lighting

The shunting process reduces the speed of the locomotive by about half, so shunting movements can be carried out with particular sensitivity; Maneuvering light means that both the front and rear (white) lamps are switched on regardless of the direction of travel

We fully test & inspect every locomotive before it ships to you.
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