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 The new track 0 wheelset is made in accordance with NEM 311 and has a flange height
of 1.15 mm . Despite particularly prototypical appearance by dark brown nickel , matte finish there is no loss in conductivity !

Wheelsets this color have been delivered by us in series , for example, at the 3 axle rebuilt cars . These wheel sets have a slightly higher wheel flange . This flange height is still within the NEM 311 , car with these wheel sets are therefore not restricted to the function !

If you want to use the better optics of lower rolling track of new wheel sets , we offer you a free exchange , provided that you send the existing , dark brown nickel wheel sets with higher wheel flanges to us - that we exchange only 1: 1 .

Can not be exchanged , the central axis of 3yge cars !

2012 New Item
Parts and Details
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