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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
Marklin Special Edition Locomotive - 2024 European Champion Spain!

Marklin Special Edition Locomotive - 2024 European Champion Spain!

Germany 2024

Whether passion, emotion or a love of creativity - football and model railways have a lot in common. The big, colourful book of the 2024 football festival in Germany is closed. At the end, the furious team from Spain raised the trophy towards the Berlin night sky. In honour of the Furia Roja, we are presenting a strictly limited edition of the European Champions, which, with its beautiful printing and gold-plated elements, is already a very special and unique H0 model that will forever take its place in history. Viva Espana.

Märklin is celebrating the European Champion 2024 with a special locomotive. Based on the design of our successful locomotive "Germany 2024" (item no. 36649), we are presenting a strictly limited edition of the locomotive of yesterday's European champion: Spain. With the cheering players on the stadium turf framed by many Spanish flags, we are celebrating the European champions Spain with this locomotive. Different German and Spanish lettering on both sides.

The technical highlights of the Germany locomotive 36649 can also be found in this model (36024):
- Pantographs and coupling brackets gilded to a high quality with 24-carat gold
- With a certificate of authenticity
- Locomotive body made of metal
- Separately applied grab irons on the front of the locomotive
- Mfx decoder with extensive light and sound functions

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