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Monday, January 23, 2017


Our annual pre-order discount program allows you to take advantage of some great discounts on newly announced products by placing your order now (vs. waiting until the item ships from the factory later this year).  It also ensures your place in 'line' for some of the hot new items or limited editions that often sell out long before the item is ever delivered.

A few Marklin notes: Marklin Museum cars will likely sell out this week so please order now to get one. The all-new Marklin HO ROBEL maitenance cars with digital cranes are very limited this year and we expect them to sell out very quickly. The MHI Tinplate sets are also going to sell out very fast as they are very limited production. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Place a single order for either Marklin or Trix 2017 New Items ($750.00 Cdn. Or $500.00 US $ or more and you will receive FREE shipping on your first delivery! (This applies to the first factory delivery of an ordered item). (Note: This does not apply to 1 or O Gauge Orders or Starter Sets or other over-sized items). North America Pre-Orders Only!

Click here for the Marklin 2017 New Items

Click here for the TRIX 2017 New Items

Click here for the LGB 2017 New Items

LGB, Roco, Fleischmann and Brawa prices will be posted shortly! See our Product Announcements page for all the New Item announcements!

The Fine Print!

  • Our pre-order program pricing ENDS on MARCH 15th, 2017.  No exceptions.
  • All our regular sales policies apply. Please see our Ordering From Us page for full details.
  • Free Shipping offer is good for first shipment of products only. Offer is valid for orders shipped within USA and Canada only. Over-sized items such as Starter Sets; 1 & O Gauge Models; etc. will not qualify.
  • Note: Pricing is assured under the current exchange rates. Due to the recent extreme volatility with the US $ against all other world currencies, we reserve the right to adjust pricing if necessary. Should the Canadian dollar fluctuate more then 5% to the Euro at the time of item release, an exchange rate adjustment may be made to reflect the change. The consumer will always be notified in advance should this unforeseen event occur. We do our best to give the fairest pricing available at the time of our annual preorder program, regrettably, currency fluctuations are a daily factor these days.


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