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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Marklin Announces 3 New Items at the (IMA) and MARKLIN DAYS in Göppingen!

Marklin News:

We’re proud to reveil a brand new locomotive on the International Model Train Exhibition (IMA) and Märklin Days, starting today in Göppingen:

The French SNCF Class 241-A Express Train Steam Locomotive. This locomotive, used in the 30ies of the last century during the golden era of travel, is being presented with complete new tooling with beautiful details. One prototype has survived the times as a locomotive of a swiss museum club and still offers museum service today, being the largest steam locomotive in action in Europe. Even to the Märklin days in Göppingen, where we expect to see this engine by Friday afternoon. Additionally we’re presenting the model to the public for the first time. Black color, White wheel rims, gold-colored details – a true “black beauty”!

Marklin Item # - 39241

Trix Item # T22941

With the IMA 2017 (International Model Train Exhibition) in Göppingen opening its gates today LGB presents a brand new product. For the first time in history LGB extends the products range with an Era III DR Roll Car. It consists of a plastic / diecast construction featuring foldable and slid able brake shoes, keep bucks for cars with 45mm for total.


Scale: HO    Era: 2, 3, 6    
Country: France
TRIX T22941
Scale: HO    Era: 2, 3, 6    
Country: France