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Friday, May 07, 2021
FALLER Car System Digital 2021 update

FALLER Car System Digital 2021 update

We have just received some news from Faller on 2021 updates for the DIGITAL version of the Faller Car System.

For more information see Faller's online Quick Guide (English PDF)

From Faller:

In the anniversary year "75 years of FALLER", three new building blocks raise Car System Digital to a new level and make digital vehicle and traffic control easier than ever before.

With the small radio master with USB plug, you can now control all functions of your digital vehicles without an additional power supply. The “Car System Digital” software is included in the scope of delivery.

With the new wireless expansion module, you can switch up to 5 outputs, e.g. B. for branches or other switching elements. Only the connection of the radio master to a power supply is required.

A new release of the “Car System Digital” software is now available to all users to match the new hardware, with optimized graphics, customizable display and a new user interface with dark mode.

Look forward to fully autonomous driving of your digital vehicles on the model layout with these features and highlights:

  • Fully automatic traffic control including distance monitoring
  • high number of digital vehicles with realistic starting and braking behavior
  • Vehicle location via ultrasound and traffic control via radio
  • Real-time control of the vehicle functions possible
  • Integrated setup and control of light signals
  • Plant / road construction reduced to guide wire and branches
  • minimal wiring through LocoNet and radio communication

Find out more Online at:


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