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Tuesday, April 02, 2024
Roco Surprise! An OBB Taurus 1116 with a New Advertising Design Theme!

Roco Surprise! An OBB Taurus 1116 with a New Advertising Design Theme!

Roco already announced last week, of a coming surprise with a very special highlight this "Football Summer" 2024. 

ROCO has seized the opportunity to paste a Taurus series 1116 locomotive of the ÖBB with the fancy design of our designer Markus Huber. The work of our artist is certain to attract many curious glances in the coming months!

Since the large original has received its new “clothes” and is now back on the tracks in Austria, as well as Germany, Switzerland and Hungary, we can also disclose all the details of its little brother.

The blue beauty will be delivered in time for the Euros in July 2024. But don’t be late: This is a limited edition and will only be produced once, so make sure to reserve yours quickly! Unfortunately, all 3 versions sold out in 24 hours. We have the 7510062 available for pre-order still, but they will be gone shortly, so you know what to do.

Order yours soon to avoid missing out!  See all the details at the link below.

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