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Monday, October 17, 2022
New updates to our Wishlists!

New updates to our Wishlists!

Our wishlists have long been a very popular area of our website with thousands of our customers keeping track of upcoming product releases, products for planned layouts and for gift giving. We have just made a number of updates to our Wishlists to make them easier to use and manage before the holiday season begins.

NEW! Access Wishlists in your Account pages.  You can now view and access all of the Wishlists associated with your account's email address right from your account page.   Easily find a lost wishlist or just keep track of them in one place.  No account with us? You can still create a stand-alone Wishlist before you place your first order with us with just your email address - when you do place an order your wishlist will be automatically linked to your account if you use the same email.

NEW! Reset your Wishlist Passwords - We have now made it easier then ever to access old Wishlists and ones you have misplaced the password for. To reset any wishlist password simply enter the associated email address on our main wishlist page and our system will send you an email with links to update any of your wishlist passwords.

NEW! Delete old Wishlists - Our site has featured Wishlists for over 15 years now and some of you have many older Wishlists linked to your email. Now you can get rid of any old lists that you no longer need to help keep your lists organzied.

Remember you can share your wishlist at any time by using the link on your wishlist page. The recipient won't be able to edit your Wishlist but will be able to view and add any Wishlist items to their shopping Cart - Perfect for holiday gift giving!


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