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Friday, September 04, 2020
SHIPMENTS INCOMING - Backorders and New Products are Arriving Soon!

SHIPMENTS INCOMING - Backorders and New Products are Arriving Soon!

We have finally received news that a shipment of almost 4000lbs of product from Europe should be arriving in mid to late September.  Due to massive increases in air freight costs due to COVID-19 we had to resort to slower ocean freight for our summer shipments and then we were hit by further delays due to a port labour action and strike in Montreal, forcing our shipment to divert. After multiple delays, we had received news that the shipment will make it on a train this past week, however, the Port of Halifax forwarder advised it did not make the train and now awaiting the next ones. (Apparently there is a shortage of flat cars at the port).

This huge shipment contains backorders and new items from Marklin Trix, LGB, Brawa, Piko, Viessmann, Vollmer, Heki, Presier, Bemo, Busch, Kibri, Faller/Pola, and more.  

We also have a smaller Marklin, Trix, LGB and Schuco shipment arriving soon from Marklin USA and Roco and Fleischmann shipments are scheduled to arrive Sept 10-11th. Sommerfeldt and Artitec shipments are on their way as well.

We know many of you have been waiting for your orders to ship and we want to say a huge THANK YOU all for your patience and notes of support during these challenging times! We are truly doing our utmost, but so many obstacles have been out of our control in the transport of this particular ocean freight shipment.

Stay tuned to our latest arrivals page for all the updates!

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