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Thursday, May 23, 2019
New Arrivals Highlights for Marklin & Trix/MiniTrix

New Arrivals Highlights for Marklin & Trix/MiniTrix

While every factory shipment we receive contains many new and interesting products, this week's shipment of Marklin, Trix and MiniTrix was extra special with a number of highlight-worthy products!  Of course there are many more to see than these highlights so check them all out here!

Marklin 26609 is a typical era III branch line train pulled by the always popular Glaskasten steam locomotive. This loco features MFX+ and extensive sound functions so is a great opportunity to upgrade to a Glaskasten with the latest technology.  The train features current conducting coupler and lighting in both passenger cars - it even included end of train marker lights to install in the boxcar if you like. This little 'glass box' locos are a great addition to a layout as they were used for short freight, passenger, and mixed trains around southern Germany. This is an MHI Exclusiv set so will not last long!

Marklin 29051 is the latest version of the Marklin HO MEGA Starter Set with two trains, expanded track set, and TWO Mobile Station digital controllers. This set has a classic DB 151 e-lok pulling an freight train and a Class 218 diesel with a passenger train in the attractive blue and cream livery. Both locomotives feature MFX and full sound functions!

Marklin 39568 is the new Era II version of the Swiss Ce 6/8 III "Crocodile" - this model is packed with features including sound and World of Operation MFX+

Speaking of the SBB, Marklin HO 43650, Markln Z 81594 and MiniTrix N 15674 are all sets containing the stunning SBB Panorama passenger cars in the 'Gotthard Panorama Express' mountain themed livery. This new livery features an attractive mountain design under the giant panorama windows along with a Gotthard Express Edelweiss logo.

MiniTrix N scale fans also get two versions of the long awaited Henschel Steam powered rotary snowplow.  MiniTrix 15820 is the era II version in a safron yellow livery and MiniTrix 15422 is the era IV version in typical DB colors.  Both models feature digital controlled work lights and spinning plow blades.  It has been a while since Minitrix has released a model of this unique plow so they are bound to go fast.

For those looking to get started in Marklin 1 Gauge, the Marklin 55046 1 Gauge Digital Starter Set is a great place to begin. Featuring a classic era III V100 diesel locomotive with full sound, two freight cars, an oval of track and a Mobile Station digital controller, this set is a fantastic deal!


Scale: HO    Era: 6    
Country: Switzerland
Scale: Z    Era: 6    
Country: Switzerland
TRIX T15674
Scale: N    Era: 6    
Country: Switzerland
TRIX T15820
Scale: N    Era: 3    
Country: Germany
TRIX T15422
Scale: N    Era: 4    
Country: Germany
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