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Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Silhouette Mininatur Scenery - Sale has ended

Silhouette Mininatur Scenery - Sale has ended

Sale has ended - thank you!

With many of us still at trying to stay at home and home working on their layouts we wanted to put a spotlight on the amazing products from Silhouette / Silflor /Mininatur of Germany.   

These products have been famously used by master modelmakers such as Josef Brandl in many publications in Europe and are known for making it easy to add stunning and ultra-realistic textures and foliage to model layouts.  We simply can't recommend these products enough!

We have put a wide selection of Silhouette products on sale from scenery mats to their amazing ready built trees (just add a few to the very front of your layout and see how it changes the look!) - all are in-stock and ready to ship with your next order!

Click here for all our Silhouette Sale Products

See the video below for some of the amazing work Josef Brandl does with scenery products from Silhouette and other brands we sell such as Heki

Fall in Germany