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Thursday, February 27, 2020
Fleischmann Discontinuing HO Track System

Fleischmann Discontinuing HO Track System

Please note: This DOES NOT affect the Fleischmann N scale Piccolo Track System in any way.

It is unfortunate that we have to report that Fleischmann is stopping the production of its HO scale track system due to damaged tooling.  Fleischmann ceased production of HO scale trains (consolidating HO in the Roco program) a few years ago but Fleischman had continued producing HO track to support previous HO customers. 

We do have a stock of many track pieces and turnouts at this point and we will try to obtain as much as we can before factory stocks dwindle.  If you are in the process of completing a layout we advise you to order what you need as soon as possible. See below for the entire notice from Flieschmann as we received it.

TIP: You can transition from Fleischmann to the Roco-Line track system using the FLEISCHMANN 6437 or Roco 42612 rail adapters and use Fleischmann ballast if required to help blend the transition.

Click here for Fleischmann HO Straight and Curved Tracks

Click here for Fleischmann HO Turnouts


Information: FLEISCHMANN H0 tracks

We regret to inform you that the production tools for the FLEISCHMANN H0 tracks 6102 and 6112 are no longer functional after 40 years. We have two defective tools which are irreparably damaged. During the last months we have tried to find a possibility to repair them, but unfortunately without success. As a result, the two tracks just mentioned cannot be reproduced anymore.

This means that the FLM H0 track assortment cannot be offered completely in the future. For this reason, we had to make the difficult decision to generally stop the production of the FLEISCHMANN H0 track in the future.

All items that are still in stock will of course be available as long as stocks lasts.

This decision was not taken lightly, as we are aware of the popularity of the FLEISCHMANN H0 track system. How ever, due to the circumstances, it is not possible for us to continue this.

As an alternative we can recommend the track system Roco-Line with and without bedding.  With the transition rail connectors FLEISCHMANN 6437 or Roco 42612 you can connect the track systems with each other.

We hope for your understanding and remain with best regards,

Your team at Modelleisenbahn München GmbH

Scale: HO    
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