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Friday, May 21, 2021
2021 Summer New Items Newsletter - Marklin, Trix and LGB

2021 Summer New Items Newsletter - Marklin, Trix and LGB

UPDATE: Marklin has now posted the English language version of Marklin TV #108 featuring their overview of Marklin, Trix and LGB Summer New Items. See it here:

The following is a quick brief on this year’s Summer New Item Highlights from Marklin, Trix and LGB. It should be noted that the hobby industry as a whole has been severely impacted this past year in both a very positive and negative way. The positive, that most factories are running at 100% capacity and the negative is product delivery delays for a variety of reasons. These include a lack of raw materials, digital components, etc. Worst of all, the exorbitant shipping costs coupled with delivery delays from both the airline and shipping industries has added many significant challenges all around.  Thus, the number of new item announcements has been limited in order to ensure a reasonable delivery fulfillment.

Marklin/TRIX/LGB 2021 Summer New Items:

HO Scale

29469 A modest starter set with the Mobile Station at a great price is a terrific start into Marklin. Though this locomotive has been in the program for quite a period, it has been digitally upgraded to provide all available sound features as well as flashing warning lights. A great way to expand this set when ordering is to order the digital bypass extension set, # 24802.

37197 Major New Tooling Upgrade for the BR 17 Steam Locomotive. It is being released as a ERA II DRG Model and is as well shown as a Era VI model due to the fact that the locomotive is a Museum Loco still in existence today in Berlin’s Technology Museum. This locomotive has been given a complete update in;

  • New propulsion drive over the previous models Reworked locomotive and tender connection.
  • Open cab with an open view through it.
  • Cab lighting can be controlled digitally.
  • Oncoming train light can be controlled digitally.
  • Firebox flickering can be controlled digitally.
  • Built-in smoke unit.
  • Figures of an engineer and a fireman included.
  • Booklet about the history of the locomotive included.
  • MHI Exclusive Model # 2/2021, therefore a Limited Production Model. Reserve yours soon as they will no doubt sell out fast.

Note: The Trix DCC/MFX version can be found under stock # 25170.

37298Class G 2000 BB Vossloh heavy diesel locomotive with symmetrical cabs. This Model was previously released as Road # 1101 and sold out very quickly. The demand has been high for the return of this model and so the factory is releasing this as Road # 1102. If you we’re fortunate enough to have the previous model, you could easily do a prototypical scene by double-heading both locomotives. This locomotive is a well limited and will no doubt sell out quickly again.

Note: The Trix DCC/MFX version can be found under stock # 25297.

Class 193 Vectron Electric Locomotives – As most will realize, Marklin has made several inexpensive versions of the Class 193 Vectrons for sometime under the 36XXX series. For serious modellers, they we’re okay, but lacked many of the inherent qualities of a 37 or 39XXX series locomotive in that although they we’re all metal, the metal was not as thick or heavy and the chassis was almost like a tin-plate piece. Much finer and more detailed models we’re being produced with Marklin’s competitors so it was time to pull up their socks. As a result, these new models will have full die-cast metal chassis and bodies that are extensively detailed and true to the prototypes in terms of operational and safety equipment features specific to each country. Other highlights will include; New Propulsion system; Cab lighting can be controlled digitally; World of Operation mfx+ digital decoder and extensive operation and newly recorded sound functions included. Three versions with their respective detailing changes true to the prototype;

39197This DB AG Class 193 Loco represents the “Das ist Grun” or (That is Green) theme. There is one locomotive in this theme operating in Germany to this day. It is therefore being offered as another MHI Exclusive edition #2/2021 and therefore limited quantities. A great 4 Piece 'Wind Power' Stake Car Set (MHI 2/2021 Exclusiv Item) to go with this locomotive is stock # 47134.

Note: The Trix DCC/MFX version can be found under stock # 25190.

39199This SBB Class 193 Loco is leased to SBB Cargo International, Inc. Locomotive name "Limmat". The SBB like to name their locomotives after cities, towns or villages and in this case the town of “Limmat”. The use of this name has been made exclusive to Marklin so no other manufacturer will be able to use this specific model.

Note: The Trix DCC/MFX version can be found under stock # 25192.

39331 This DSB EB 3200 (Vectron) Loco is one for the Danish market. It goes perfectly with the new Bi_level Commuter Set Stock # 43599.

Note: The Trix DCC/MFX version can be found under stock # 25194.

39829This is a DB AG Class 182 (Taurus) Locomotive in a Coco Cola Theme. This is not a true life theme, but Marklin has once again offered something special to those that are Coco Cola Collectors. 2 Car Sets are being offered. An SBB version # 48344 true to the original and a German version # 48345.

43815DB Airport Express 3 Piece Passenger Set – This set comes with factory built-in LED Lighting. A typical locomotive that would have pulled these coaches is a DB Class 110 # 37108.

47812DB AG Type Sggrss 80 Double 'Marklin' Container Transport Car. These cars are reserved for the Marklin super stores in Germany. We have managed to secure a number of these for our loyal customers. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to advertise this particular model on our site. You will be able to find pictures of this model on the Summer New Items brochure page 18. To secure your model, simply give us a call toll free at 1-866-799-6098 and we will manually add one to your order. These are EXTREMELY Limited so, do not hesitate to reserve your model quickly.

Accessories – We we’re once told that if you wait long enough, Marklin will eventually deliver the wants of its loyal consumers and so, we finally have it. LED Lighting kits for the Thunder Box Coaches. Now you can retrofit all your coaches with LED Lighting Kit # 73300 and the appropriate pick-up shoe # 73301 for coaches and # 73302 for the baggage coach. Now if they would only deliver the wide radius double slip switch for C Track, then we would really celebrate!

1 Gauge

With last year’s delivery of the incredible French SNCF 241 Steam Locomotive, Marklin now presents the DR Class 08 under stock # 55081. The DR‘s French Lady is presented in breathtaking rich detail in the royal class of Märklin 1. Remaining in the GDR (East Germany) as a reparations locomotive, this one-of-a-kind locomotive became a true cult legend among more than just railroad fans.


  • Completely new tooling!
  • Highly detailed full metal construction.
  • Frame, superstructure, boiler, etc. constructed of die-cast zinc, separately applied parts constructed of brass.
  • Newly developed decoder generation with a current buffer and 32 functions.
  • Smoke unit with smoke exhaust and vo/hi cylinder steam synchronized with the wheels and a steam whistle.
  • Load-controlled operating sounds synchronized with the wheels.
  • Smoke box door and dome hatches can be opened, many original details included.
  • Headlights with a light color correct for the era and warm white LEDs.
  • Red marker light that can be controlled.
  • Two-color firebox lighting flickering.
  • Cab lighting.
  • mfx decoder for operation with AC power, DC power, Märklin Digital, and DCC.
  • Valve gear switchover (forward, reverse, continuous operation) in 3 steps with a servomotor.
  • Telex coupler on the rear, reproduction prototype coupler on the front (one (1) more of each included with the locomotive).

Note: The SNCF 241 sold out extremely fast as did the HO Versions including the DR version. If you ever wanted an absolutely incredible 1 Gauge Steam Locomotive, this will be a MUST have for your collection. Reserve yours early to avoid disappointment and collector pricing.

Z Gauge

In Z, we have a number of new interesting models and here are a few highlights;


81874DB Museum Passenger Train Starter Set – A new starter set in Z is always welcome as they represent a terrific value to get you into this delightful scale of 1:220. The reason they call this a Museum starter set is that the one coach painted in a red livery with a logo of RESTAURATION which would be a typical snack car for today’s tourists visiting various railway museums.

88168DB Class 796/996 Rail Busses being released as a 2 piece set. Both with interior LED lighting in the control and motorized car.

88792DB CL 218 Diesel Locomotive featured as part of the MHI Exclusive # 2/2021 program. Although the 218’s we’re extensively used in both freight and passenger traffic, Marklin is offering a  3 piece DB Commuter Coach set to go along, stock # 87189 and its also part of the MHI Exclusive # 2/2021 program. Its important to note that the Cab Control Coach is complete new tooling as well and its nickname known as the Rabbit’s Hutch as there was very little room for the conductor. This coach has a headlight and marker light that change over with direction of travel.


  • 16992DB Catenary Maintenance Train Set – The Railcar comes very extensive sound and light functions, but the ladder can be manually raised and turned as well. The Catenary construction car comes with a typical freight load. This is part of the MHI Exclusive 2/2021 program so quantities are extremely limited. This set will be sold out before beginning of summer so pre-order yours today to avoid disappointment.

LGB G Scale

LGB offers only 5 new items for summer, but what they do offer is quite amazing given production limitations these days.

21430The RhB is now phasing out the Ge 4/4 II series locomotives and they are being replaced with the III electric series. Highlights include;

  • All 4 wheel sets driven by two powerful Bühler motors.
  • The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions.
  • The pantographs are powered by servomotors and can be controlled digitally.

21480This is the DR Steam Locomotive VII K, Road Number 99 731 which represents Complete New Tooling for LGB. Although similar in appearance from earlier 99’s, there are very notable differences. For instance, the boiler on these are considerably larger and much lower to the chassis. As well, these have front and rear pilot wheels just to mention a couple. Other highlights include;

  • This is a model of a DR class 99.73 (also called VII K) narrow gauge steam locomotive. The paint and lettering are prototypical for Era VI as a museum locomotive, road number 99 731, as it currently looks in use on the SOEG.
  • Two powerful Bühler motors with ball bearings drive the wheel sets.
  • Traction tires.
  • The locomotive has an mfx/DCC decoder with many light and sound functions, such as headlights that change over with the direction of travel, firebox lighting, cab lighting, running sounds, a whistle and much more.
  • The locomotive has a built-in smoke generator with steam exhaust synchronized to the wheels as well as cylinder steam.
  • The locomotive has many separately applied details including cab doors and a smoke box door that can be opened.

Of course, one needs to pull passenger coaches and what better way with a new locomotive then 2 new passenger coaches from the SOEG. These can be found under stock # 36356 and # 36357. These cars look as they do currently in operation with new “REKO” or Reconstructed Windows.

We hope this newsletter has been insightful and wetting the appetite for adding new exciting models to your railway and collections. Remember to order early as many items are one-time issues and/or MHI Exclusive models that will sell out quickly. Reserve your favorites and ensure arrive of your favourite models.

Scale: Z    Era: 6    
Country: Germany
Scale: Z    Era: 5    
Country: Germany
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