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Friday, August 17, 2018

New Marklin CS3 Software Update Available

Marklin has just issued a new software update for the CS3 Digital Central Station.  See below for details and download instructions.


From Marklin:

In the current Märklin magazine we announced our new update for the CS 3 to version 1.3.3. This update is now available. We apologize for the delay in making this update alive.
The following new options are included in this update:
1. Test version for the integration of a smartphone, tablet PC or PC as a second device in the system.
2. Extension of the event environment.
3. Other optimizations.
At this year's Toy Fair in Nuremberg, we had already presented a first demo version of the connection of a smartphone, tablet PC or PC to the CS 3.
For the connection to these devices you need except the CS 3 or CS 3+ only one router and the desired second device. The connection between router and CS 3 runs over a LAN cable. The second device can be connected to the router via either a LAN cable or a Wi-Fi connection. The second device must have a current version of a common browser. This software can then be used to set up the connection to the CS 3 and to generate a user interface of the CS 3 on the second device. All operating areas of the CS 3 are available. However, locomotives cannot be programmed also like turnouts, signals or events cannot be arranged or other programming can be made with the second unit. This work will continue to be carried out only at CS 3 as the Master.
This new software part has been extensively tested by us in the meantime. But since there are many different computer systems on the market and also browsers in different combinations, we could not test all these possible constellations. Therefore, we are currently providing this new area as a trial version. Our customers are welcome to test this option extensively. If there are any bugs or suggestions for improvement, the customer should inform us via email to the service address We will try to take into account as many of these suggestions as possible until the official launch of the software in the fall.
Furthermore, this update contains some new functions in the events and further detail optimizations. More information can be found in the attached update description, which is also available for download on our website.
Download Update Details PDF in ENGLISH

The software update can be downloaded from Marklin HERE

Scale: HO, N, 1, G    
Scale: HO, N, 1, G    
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